Sunday, 29 June 2014

Quilled Photo Frame #1 - Spray of Flowers!

So I had originally intended to post this on Friday, but other things got in the way... I had to finish a few Thank You cards and as usual, I waited till the last minute and I had to go 32 hours without sleep because after I was done crafting I had a 2 hour lecture that I had to take, not attend (if it were the other way around, I'd have happily skipped it) then I had to go deliver the cards because it was too late to send by courier and by the time I was back home I was too exhausted to start the computer and post. Long story short, I've spent the past two days sleeping away to the point of being comatose. Enough said, let's get on to the project in question.

This one was requested by an old college friend who wanted a picture of her and her daughter to be framed so that her sailor husband could carry it with him when he was away. :) :)

So she sent me a really cute picture of the mother-daughter duo and I picked colours from the picture for the quilled design. Let me point it out here that all the Quilling (except a few scrolls in the end, made while assembling the flowers) was done by Moumita and both my sister and Yogita (My friend) were amazed by Moumita's neatness and perfection in the execution. And I was thrilled to hear that!!

Let us start with a few glimpses of close ups of various flowers and pictures taken from different angles to show you the 3D or raised effect that Quilling has!! :D

The flowers on the bottom right of the frame.
This design was mirrored on the top left as well. :)

Close-ups of the top left.

Design on the bottom left,
also mirrored on the top right! :)


Here's a picture of the complete Quilling! 

A few dimensional close-ups!

The finished frame..

And here are Yogita and Trishna holding their framed photo...

That's all for now guys!

I'll start with pictures from the next scrap book tomorrow.. 

Till then,
Happy Sunday!



  1. In love with your work :) So neat and so perfect :):)

    1. Thank you sooo much Sneha!! Do let me know if you ever need something made! :)

  2. Wow! I've found your blog! I saw your account on Instagram :) btw, thank you for following me :)
    This frame is just great, but most of all I like the yellow flower and adorable shading on its edges.

    1. Thank you, Kate!! It was lovely seeing your work.. I have been seeing it on Facebook (as we are connected there) but recently discovered your instagram account too!! :)

      I just saw your blog and noticed that you make a lot of those yellow flowers!! Yours are amazing!! The little shading is done using distress inks dabbed slightly on the edges!! :D :D

  3. Clean quilling as usual nikki, love the colours

    1. Thank you, Shylaa Shree.. This project is quilled by my team-mate - Moumita... I am sure she is happy to hear your lovely feedback! :)


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