Saturday, 30 November 2013

Scrapbook - Page #1: Cover Page

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Hi Everyone!!!

The title says 'Scrapbook - Page #1.' I can see how that can be confusing considering I already shared the cover page of 5th Anniversary Scrapbook. But this is another scrapbook that I am sharing - one I finished in October first week. You see, I was waiting to finish sharing all 15 pages of the earlier scrapbook, but given the rate at which I am sharing, it may be mid-2014 by the time I am done. So to kind of speed up the process and have a little variety here on the blog and the Facebook Page, I decided to share one from each, alternating between the two. :)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I already shared this for Lulupu's Fancy Me Challenge Inspiration (Original Post here) and I am just pasting the entire content, obviously editing it as I deem necessary. So some of you may have seen this already. I chose this page as an inspiration for the challenge because, quite frankly, it fit the theme perfectly as I had used many of the techniques I fancy and use in both - card-making as well as scrapbooking. Also, now that I am slightly more comfortable with scrapbook pages than I was about four months ago, I can make something and call it my style. What's more, I have managed to capture the whole thing on video, so you can watch me make this :)

Let the sneak peeks begin! :)

First of all, this page has my most favourite of all things... STITCHING!!! :D :D
I stitched using my Sew Easy Tool and this stitch piercer. I had just bought it a few days before I made this and wanted to try it out!!! I loved how the colours on the thread match perfectly with the Base PP, which by the way, is from the DCWV Mambi Mixed Media 12x12 Collection (Such gorgeous papers!!!) Also, at this point, I'll let you in on a secret - ALL the Base PPs used in this scrapbook are from the Mambi Collection!!! Super gorgeous!!! 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Scrapbook - Page #8: Scallop Borders, Film-strip and Journaling Cards

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I know, I know. It seemed like I had forgotten this blog exists, which I shouldn't have, considering I have loads of pictures to share. But let me assure you, I hadn't. I had been taking a break from crafting and using the computer. At the moment it seemed like a well deserved break from technology and a long rest for my hand, but as I am getting back into the swing of things, I realise that it has mostly resulted in work piling up. Pictures to be edited, posts to be shared, invoices to be sent, e-mails to be replied to, follow-ups, and 'what-not's. Long story short, I've been sitting on too many things that needed to be done last month. 

Now that some of the things on the list have be struck off as 'done,' I can now share some pictures. It deserves a mention that the page I am sharing today is a part of the 15 page scrapbook of which this is the 8th post, which means this is only the 7th page I am sharing. There are 8 more to go. So there's lots to look forward to ;)

So enough about me and my blabbering. Let's get on with it and see the pictures now, obviously starting with sneak peeks. 

So as usual, I have used various Echo Park papers. Most of their 12x12 Sheets are perfect for scrapbooking. Here, however, I have cut out a scalloped border from this sheet from the This & That Graceful 12x12 Kit.

I used the border on top of the page and added the page title underneath using Memory Box Lower Case Alphabet dies and added some stickers.