Friday, 20 December 2013

Scrapbook - Page #2: I love yellow! | Lulupu Challenge #22 & Blog Hop

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You must have landed here from the Lulupu Blog and I am so excited to be a part of my first Blog-Hop!!! So welcome, and for those who have landed up here, directly, let me give you a little background on what's going on. 

We're having a Recipe Challenge and a Blog-Hop at the Lulupu Blog this month. Here's how you can join the fun! :D

1. Follow the Lulupu Blog.
2. Like our Facebook Page.
3. Add the Blog-Hop Badge on the left/right sidebar on your blog and link it to the challenge post.

4. Blog about joining the Hop on your blog either in a separate post or in your participating post.
5. Make sure you leave a comment on each designer's blog and we ask that you leave a comment on the challenge post as well to be in the running for the prize. The last stop on the hop will be back at the Lulupu Blog so please leave your last comment there, lettings us know your thoughts on the fabulous projects presented by our talented designers.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Scrapbook - Page #1: Cover Page

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Hi Everyone!!!

The title says 'Scrapbook - Page #1.' I can see how that can be confusing considering I already shared the cover page of 5th Anniversary Scrapbook. But this is another scrapbook that I am sharing - one I finished in October first week. You see, I was waiting to finish sharing all 15 pages of the earlier scrapbook, but given the rate at which I am sharing, it may be mid-2014 by the time I am done. So to kind of speed up the process and have a little variety here on the blog and the Facebook Page, I decided to share one from each, alternating between the two. :)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I already shared this for Lulupu's Fancy Me Challenge Inspiration (Original Post here) and I am just pasting the entire content, obviously editing it as I deem necessary. So some of you may have seen this already. I chose this page as an inspiration for the challenge because, quite frankly, it fit the theme perfectly as I had used many of the techniques I fancy and use in both - card-making as well as scrapbooking. Also, now that I am slightly more comfortable with scrapbook pages than I was about four months ago, I can make something and call it my style. What's more, I have managed to capture the whole thing on video, so you can watch me make this :)

Let the sneak peeks begin! :)

First of all, this page has my most favourite of all things... STITCHING!!! :D :D
I stitched using my Sew Easy Tool and this stitch piercer. I had just bought it a few days before I made this and wanted to try it out!!! I loved how the colours on the thread match perfectly with the Base PP, which by the way, is from the DCWV Mambi Mixed Media 12x12 Collection (Such gorgeous papers!!!) Also, at this point, I'll let you in on a secret - ALL the Base PPs used in this scrapbook are from the Mambi Collection!!! Super gorgeous!!! 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Scrapbook - Page #8: Scallop Borders, Film-strip and Journaling Cards

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I know, I know. It seemed like I had forgotten this blog exists, which I shouldn't have, considering I have loads of pictures to share. But let me assure you, I hadn't. I had been taking a break from crafting and using the computer. At the moment it seemed like a well deserved break from technology and a long rest for my hand, but as I am getting back into the swing of things, I realise that it has mostly resulted in work piling up. Pictures to be edited, posts to be shared, invoices to be sent, e-mails to be replied to, follow-ups, and 'what-not's. Long story short, I've been sitting on too many things that needed to be done last month. 

Now that some of the things on the list have be struck off as 'done,' I can now share some pictures. It deserves a mention that the page I am sharing today is a part of the 15 page scrapbook of which this is the 8th post, which means this is only the 7th page I am sharing. There are 8 more to go. So there's lots to look forward to ;)

So enough about me and my blabbering. Let's get on with it and see the pictures now, obviously starting with sneak peeks. 

So as usual, I have used various Echo Park papers. Most of their 12x12 Sheets are perfect for scrapbooking. Here, however, I have cut out a scalloped border from this sheet from the This & That Graceful 12x12 Kit.

I used the border on top of the page and added the page title underneath using Memory Box Lower Case Alphabet dies and added some stickers.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lulupu Challenge #19 - Word Play

Hello Folks!!

This is just to let you know that today, I am posting over at the Lulupu Blog!! We have a super cute challenge running this fortnight - Word Play. For this challenge, we have to make CAS (Clean & Simple) cards with a Word Play between the image and the sentiment..

I have made not one, but FIVE cute little note cards for this challenge.. Here's a sneak peek :)

You can see the posts (and of course, all the cards...) here..

See you later,
Nikita.. :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Accordion Card: Eight Flaps this time! :)

Hmmmm.. So when was the last post on this blog? A little over a month ago. And the project I am about to share was made even before that... September 16, to be more exact.. (According to the image details :P) But I am here and I have loads of stuff to share.

For today's project, I have another Accordion Card and this one has 8 flaps. That's a lot. The first one I made had four, the next one, six and this one eight. I have a feeling the one after this might have ten; based on the trend. I may as well call it an Accordion Album, but we'll get to that when it happens.

Anyway, this was another Happy Birthday Card from a group of friends for one special girl. Let's start with the peeks of the outside of the card, shall we?

Please click on the image to see larger versions of it.

I almost always have some stitching on my projects, but this time I decided to just do some piercings on the PP and NOT stitch. So the PP on the outside as well as on the inside has that on all four sides.
I also made a banner by folding a few circles punched out of various scrap PPs.
The card also has a lot of fussy cut butterflies.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

BGC #39 - Fall Colours

Good morning, people!!

Like I said last time, I have something new to share with you today - new for me. I made this for Beyond Grey Challenges #39 - Fall Colours where we had to use this colour palette.

I have made enough cards and this time I thought I'd do something different, so I tried a book mark. :D :D

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Scrapbook - Page #7: Fussy Cut Flowers, Fabric Tape, and Thickers!!

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 Last time, I shared a page that used this double sided 12x12 sheet from Echo Park's Paradise Beach collection. For that page, I had used the beige, sandy side. The page I am sharing today, has a Lay Out on the blue, printed side.

As this page has a busy pattern already, I decided to use very few embellishments and even then, they had to be plain so as to not clash with the print on the Base Sheet.

Now this page had two pictures from the couple's outing to a Disco. I really enjoyed the creative freedom Deval gave me. Working with minimum restrictions allowed me to experiment so many new things, and I doubt the pages would have been half as good as they are now, had there been a list of Dos and Don'ts. 

She allowed me to title their pages too.. :) And this one was easy. I called this page 'Disco Night.' 

I used a plain blue sheet from the same collection kit as the base sheet and added White American Craft Journaling Thickers and tied a bit of blue twine to the left of the title. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Accordion Card: Chalkboard, Embossing, Flowers, Banners & Stitching!

PICTURE HEAVY post. Click on the pictures to get a better, closer look. :)
{If you're reading this in your e-mail, click here to read this on your browser and then click on the pictures to get a better closer look :P}

So after my first accordion card turned out to be so great, when I got the opportunity to try again, I did not hesitate. Not even a bit. I made this for a college friend who wanted something nice, pretty and colourful for his wife's birthday - something that he could add a lot of pictures to. I could have suggested a Box Card, but I thought I'd let myself have a chance to play with an Accordion card, so I suggested this. Moreover, he had seen the Quilled Box Card I made for his sister and he wanted me to do something different too. It's amazing how the universe conspires to get everything in place! :P

I have used a loooot of products - papers from different pads, at least 3 stamp sets, done a lot of fussy cutting, heat embossing and so many other things!! :D :D I can't wait to share. I will begin with sneak peeks, as usual.

I used Lawn Fawn's Bannerific to stamp these banners on PPs of different colours and patterns to get a milti-coloured banner. :) I have stamped the banner in Rich Cocoa - my 'go-to' colour after Tuxedo Black. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Scrapook - Page #6: Arrows, Doily and some Stitching

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Today, I am sharing another page from the scrapbook and this one uses a double sided 12x12 sheet from Echo Park's Paradise Beach collection. Here's the page.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lulupu Challenge #16 - Stamp & Colour + Emboss!!

Good morning!!

I am posting on the Lulupu Blog today with my inspiration for the current challenge - Stamp & Colour + Emboss. Check my post out.. I'm sharing not just one, but THREE cards today!! :D :D

See the complete post here! But, but! Before you go, I'll leave you with a sneak peek of all three cards!! :D

So what are you waiting for?? Hop on over to the Lulupu Blog!!! Be inspired and play along!!! You have till September 15, 2013 11:55 PM IST.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Scrapbook - Page #5: Circles, Chevrons & Butterflies!

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Good morning people!

It's a bright and shiny Sunday; well, it probably was, I wouldn't know as it is 11 AM and I just woke up a few minutes ago :P But, it's a great day to share some pretty pictures of another page from the scrapbook and I am going to do just that. :D

After using single sided 12x12 sheets from the DCWV My Sunshine stack (for about 3 pages - here, here, and here) I started with double sided papers. The thing is, I don't like double sides papers, especially when I am making cards and even more so when the patterns on both sides are really pretty because only one of the sides is visible and the other one goes waste. :(  And that's the biggest problem I have with papers from My Mind's Eye, Echo Park and the likes. But when I started making this scrapbook, I made most of the pages using Echo Park's 12x12 papers. SoI decided to use both sides and save me some heartbreak. What made things easier for me was that I was planning on putting these sheets inside page protectors so both sides would be visible anyway. *Sigh of relief*

For the page I am about to share and the one shared previously - Page #4, I used this double sided 12x12 sheet..

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Birthday Mini Album

It's been a month; a whole month since I made this and I didn't share it yet. I feel horrible because I know someone is waiting for me to upload pictures so that they can show their friends, and now I am finally, finally going to do that. I will talk write only as much as the post needs and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (in less than a thousand words; much less, hopefully :P)

As usual, the complete, exhaustive product list is at the end of the post, but we'll get to that.

So this Mini-Album was a gift from a group of friends, for another one's birthday!! So here's an album filled with their favourites.. :)

The album cover with ribbons, buttons, balloons, twine, stamping all over the place and the birthday boy's pictures!!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Scrapbook - Page #4: Scallops, Flowers & Stitches!

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So here I am sharing yet another page from the scrapbook. Actually, this was the first page I made in the end of July, just as Pretty Paper Studio's Sketch challenge for that month was coming to an end. I thought it would be the perfect thing to get me motivated and get me started on the scrapbook. Also, having a sketch I could use, only made things easier for me. :P This is the sketch from the Pretty Paper Studio Blog for their July Challenge. :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

BGC #38 - Gifting Love!

What's up people??

A brand new challenge went live yesterday morning, at both the blogs I design for.. Lulupu and Beyond Grey Challenges. Both challenges are amazing, so go check them out. :D :D

I can't share my project for Lulupu, yet, but I am here to show you what I created for BGC. The rules of this challenge were...
Create a project with a gift on it such that it can be removed (detached) without affecting your creation OR create a project where your creation is not only a means to wishing people, but it is a gift in itself.
Now, before I started making the card, I came across two other challenges and decided to play along (for the first time!!! :D :D) with them. I am feeling sooo good about this. For the last year and a half, I have been creating for Lulupu and never once have I played along with any other challenge and here I am playing along with 2!! :D

I decided to use the sketch from CAS(E) this Sketch #43.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Scrapbook - Page #3: Pinwheels, Speech Bubbles & Washi Tapes!

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I was planning on posting yesterday, but turns out it was my turn to post on the Lulupu Blog and as much as I love blogging, I can only handle one post in a day. :P So anyway, today I am here to share the third page of the 5th Anniversary Scrapbook that I made in the beginning of this month.

For the base sheet, I used yet another pre-printed page from the My Sunshine 12x12 Paper Stack from DCWV; it made my life very easy :P There were two pictures that needed to be used on this layout and I adhered them with Tombo, and added Washi Tapes on the sides as accents. I also stamped geometric shapes (like in did in the previous page) and stamped them in Richo Cocoa and Tangelo.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Explosion of Coffee, Photography, Golf & Poker!!!!

So, I had said yesterday that I will be sharing the detailed Exploding Box Card that I made, and I am ready to do that now. I made this card for my school friend, Kamya who wanted it for her fiance. Kamya is currently in Arizona, USA, doing her PhD. During one of our Skype/Google Hangout sessions sometime in April this year, she realised that she had never got anything made from me, which, considering the fact that she is one of my oldest friends, was surprising. So she ordered not just one, but THREE things from me. The first one was for her Dad's Birthday in May, the next for Mother's Day and one for her fiance's birthday in August!!!

Now sending the cards to her parents was very easy because they live pretty close by. But her fiance is in Arizona as well. When I asked her how she was planning for the card to reach halfway across the globe, she said she was planning a trip to India in mid-May and she would take it back with her when she left mid-June. So, I made this two months ago, but couldn't share it until now. :D :D

She wanted a Double Box - a box, inside a box - so I suggested that we add some themes, instead of just using random embellishments. So she gave me four of Shekhar's favourite things/pastimes - Coffee, Photography, Golf and Poker. She also had four photos to add which actually made things perfect. We used two themes and two photos on each of the boxes. :)

Time for some pictures now!!! :D :D

Thursday, 22 August 2013

BGC #37 - Latte Love!

I'm baaaaack!! :D

Today I am going to share a card that I made for BGC #37 - Latte Love. I was hosting this challenge and when I was asked to come up with a theme, I put two of my most favourite things together and that made the Challenge Theme for the fortnight as...

"Latte Love"
In case you wanted to play along, Here's what you have to do...
1. Make any project.. Card/LO/Tag/Box, etc. inspired by Coffee (something I love and enjoy) either the colours OR the sentiments OR a cup of coffee on your project as well. But...
2. You have to add stitching (also something that I really try to incorporate in my projects) to your project. We would love to see real stitching using SewEasy Tool or a sewing machine or even by hand without any tools. However, if that's not possible, we will allow Faux Stitching as well.. :)

You would think that because I set the challenge, it would have been a breeze for me to make something, but I had the hardest time!! I started out with drawing a sketch of a card and while I was executing it, it looked weird. So I had to start all over again and I decided, if I was having a hard time, simple would be good, less would be more. And this is what turned out...
I started with creating a Washi tape background on the card base. For that, I vertically aligned five colour-coordinated tapes next to each other, in varying lengths. Then, I ran my SewEasy tool along the centre of each tape and stitched it up with an off white coloured crochet thread.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Scrapbook - Page #2: Sun, Birds, Clouds & Hexagons :)

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See first (cover) page here...

Hello Everyone!!

After being in hiatus for a few days with all the holidays and festivities going on, I took a craft & blog break. But I am here now and today I am going to share with you a page from the 5th Anniversary Scrapbook that I had promised. It is one of the 15 Pages that I made. So far, I've only shared the cover page.

{I originally wrote this post on the Beyond Grey Challenges Blog as a part of the "What's Up Crafty?" Segment. So basically, this is just a copy-paste with a little bit of editing to suit this blog :)}

Warning: Picture Heavy :)

This page was made to record the couple's move to Pune from Mumbai. If you know me and my posting style, you would know that I don't show the project just like that. I generally give sneak peeks of the project from different angles because I like to build the suspense :P and then when I have just about exhausted every possible angle, I show the final picture. I hope you have the patience... :P

Anyway, when I was planning the LO, I first decided what I was going to use as the Base Sheet. I selected one of the Pre-Printed Sheets from the My Sunshine 12x12 Paper Stack by Die Cuts With A View and that made the layout way easier than a blank page would have.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lulupu Challenge #15 - Weather or Not!


I know I said somewhere that I won't post this often, but there's a huge backlog that needs to be cleared. So for a few days, there will be frequent posts; please bear with me.

Anyway, I already shared a sneak peek of this card two weeks ago, and even though this has appeared on the Lulupu Blog, I want to share this here as well. So I am copying everything I wrote, but I'll make a few changes as necessary. :)

As I said earlier, I made this card for Lulupu's Challenge #15 which required us to... {I am just pasting the rules here...}
1. Create a card, layout, altered project, tag, 3D project... absolutely anything, that depicts the weather
It may be the weather you are currently experiencing or you could choose to show Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn, or the Rains, on your project. You could also create a view of some place like the beach or the mountainside with a sparkling river and boats on them or a clear starry summer sky. {Enough ideas from me. I need to shut up!)

2. However, the project must show a scene and not just one element of the weather
For example, one snowflake on your project, will not equal a winter scene. Similarly, one umbrella, will not equal a rainy scene. Paint a picture for us (so to speak).. think of your project as a canvas and go crazy.
Now, ever since I made this card for BGC's The Sky is the Limit Challenge and I outlined the clouds witStickles, I wanted to make a 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' type of a card. And with the rains pouring down here in Mumbai for the past few weeks, bam, I could mix both and make a card for this challenge.

I think this is the first sad card I have made and I hope I don't have to use it ever, but I think it's cute enough to actually cheer someone up if they are feeling low. :)

I made a sky background on my card using a cloud stencil that I made out of card stock and instead of making the clouds bright, I made them dark using Pumice Stone Distress Ink instead of Tumbled Glass Distress Ink. I then cut out some clouds using the cute Puffy Clouds Memory Box Die and outlined EVERY SINGLE CLOUD with Stickles. How else could I justify the sentiment??? :P

Just the clouds with the silver lining would look empty and not a 'scene.' So I added a few more things in the mix.. Quilled Raindrops, to start with.. :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

BGC #36 - Hello, My Fruity Friend!!

Alright, I didn't mean "fruity"when I wrote the title. You'll know what I mean when you see the card.

You probably are aware that I design for a Challenge Blog called Beyond Grey Challenges that hosts two challenges every month - one on the 1st (that runs till the 15th) and another on the 16th (that runs till the end of the month.) The first challenge for August - Challenge #36 set the following rules...

Make a window card with single or multiple windows. It has to be inspired by your favourite fruit (colour, shape or both) and the word 'friend' or 'friendship'should be included somewhere in the card.
So here's what I did.

Even though my favourite fruit is Mango, I thought of taking my inspiration in an Apple (I love Apple Inc. :P) So I made a circular card that looked like an apple (though my husband said it resembled a pomegranate. That's a fruit too, so technically, apart from the misrepresentation of the name of the fruit, I wasn't breaking any challenge rules.) I used the largest circular die, scored and folded the CardStock and then cut a circle out leaving the folded part out.

I cut out a circle (a window) in the centre and stamped the sentiment on the inside of the card. Obviously, it had the word 'friend' in it.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Scrapbook - Page #1 - Cover Page :)

This post is the FIRST post in a series. To read all posts in this series, click here.

Until I made this scrapbook, I realised I had never really made anything close to a scrapbook. Yes, I made one for a colleague's farewell; yes I made one for my teacher's 9th Wedding Anniversary and yes, I've made 3 pages of my own Pre-Wedding (but still incomplete) Scrapbook; but I now realise that they were something else.. And here's why..

With the Farewell Scrapbook, the design was required to be minimalistic with more focus on the content and images. Also, I had close to a week to do those 16 pages, so I decided not to make it like a Scrapbook-Scrapbook, but more of a memory book. And what I ultimately made, worked for that.

With the 9th Anniversary Scrapbook, I was working blind, sort of. Since I was making it for my teacher, she was hesitant to share photos and the content for the pages because they were too personal and I kind of understand that. But that made things very difficult for me because I only knew how many pictures I needed to leave space for. So, I put photo cards and wrote down what size the photo should be, but I was clueless as to what the colours on the photo were (which would help me decide the colour scheme and choose my embellishments) or how much or how little she wanted to write on the pages, which left me no choice but to guess how much space to leave for journaling. It was tough, but what I made was passable. In short, still not a real scrapbook.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lulupu Challenge #15 - Sneak Peek :)


Another Lulupu Challenge goes live about the same time this post does. :D :D

Hop on to the Lulupu Blog to check what this challenge is all about and what you can do to play along and win!!! Here's the link to the Challenge Post.. Although I cannot reveal much here, I can give you a sneak peak of what's coming up... And here it is..

See you at the Lulupu Blog!!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Clean & Simple Thank You Card

One of my closest school friend's mother, just went through a spinal surgery, and he and his sister wanted a Thank You card for their doctor. So I whipped one up pretty quick as I was short on time.

The doctor was a man, so I had to stay away from flowers, pinks, leaves, butterflies - basically, everything girly. So I decided to start with picking up a subtle Patterned Paper and decided to see where it went from there.

I found this really nice Lattice Print PP in the Follow Your Heart Be Amazing Paper Pad from My Mind's Eye and I loved the baby blue on it. And the multicoloured diagonal stripes on the other side of the paper were perfect to add some contrast. That's one good thing about double sided papers - they are already colour-coordinated and you don't have to rack your brains for good colour combos!! :)

I was able to do the card in only ONE 6x6 sheet! And I was amazed. Zero PP wastage made me really happy. :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Happy Anniversary (Sort of) Vintage Card..

I wanted to make an Anniversary Card for my friend's parents' 25th Anniversary, but I was short on time. So I decided to make something quick, but still something that stood out. So I decided to go kind of Vintage. Actually, that was brought on when I saw the papers in the Lost & Found Two 6x6 pad by My Mind's Eye I decided to go Vintage. Now I know this card is not 'exactly' vintage, but this is the closest I've got so far. :P

I'll give you sneak peeks before I share the picture of the card. ;)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My First "Quilled" Exploding Box Card!

This post is Picture Heavy. Click on the pictures for a larger image. :)

I am always looking to make something new, but of late, I have been stuck with making box cards. It's not that I don't enjoy making them, it's just that they seem repetitive to me. But when I got another request for a Box Card with Quilling on it, I couldn't resist. I knew I just had to try it out.

Now the hardest part for me, is not the making of the box as such, but to find co-ordinating patterned papers to decorate the box. With 6x6 papers, it's really annoying because you use 4"x4" out of it and the rest goes to waste. Also, since most 6x6 pads have only 2 papers (or 3 in case of Jillibean Soup) in each design, that meant you had to ruin at least 4 sheets. But with 12x12, the entire job is done is one sheet. But I digress.

Anyway, another problem I had with selecting the paper, was that it had to be subtle so as to make the quilling 'pop' and not clash with the quilling; which is why I refrain from using PP and Quilling on the same project as far as possible. But, when I picked these two sheets from Echo Park's 12x12 Paradise Beach Collection Kit, I knew they would be perfect.

PB30008 Tropical

Thursday, 18 July 2013

BGC #35 - The Sky is the Limit

I have some news to share. It’s like almost three weeks old, but since I haven’t shared it here yet, it’s still new, I hope. :P

I have been selected to be a part of the design team of a challenge blog called ‘Beyond Grey Challenges’!!  So I  get to make pretty cards and other projects for their challenges. Yaaaay!! So here I am to share what  I created for one of the challenges, Challenge #35 – The Sky is the Limit! (This challenge is open from July 16 - July 31, 2013.)

The rules for this challenge were - Use at least one element in your card seen in the sky (So you can use the sky background, clouds, an airplane, a rocket,etc... actually the sky is the limit) and here's what I came up with :)

I used a lot of elements from the sky.. like..
The sun and clouds..

Monday, 10 June 2013

DT Call at Beyond Grey Challenges Blog!

Hello there!!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Beyond Grey Challenges Blog. They have announced a Design Team Call. 

So if you'd like to be a part of their Design Team, click here. :) The link has all the details!!

Happy Crafting! :)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mother's Day Pocket Card with Tilda

I was really excited about Mother's Day and was really looking forward to making cards for the occasion; especially since I had been able to lay my hands on two of the Magnolia Stamps on the Lulupu Store. It was almost as if I was looking for an opportunity to use them; itching to use them, actually. So when my friend Kamya said that she wanted me to make a card for her mother, I immediately stamped Tilda Loves Flowers & Tilda with Daisy on paper and showed them both to her while we were chatting on Skype.

She loved them both, but she liked Tilda Loves Flowers more. So I decided to go with that. Excited that I was, I started to colour her up immediately, just to get an idea of what the final coloured image would look like. Here are the two options I tried. But ultimately, I picked some colours from the first combination and some, from the second. And it turned out to be beautiful.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

First Accordion Card

It all started when I received a call from someone who wanted to gift something special to her fiance on their engagement that was about to take place in a few days. I asked her if she already had something in her mind that she wanted me to do on the card. When she said no, I asked her if she liked something that I had already made. It was then that she told me that she wanted me to do something different and that she wanted to add a few pictures on the card too.

After giving it a bit of a thought, I realised that a simple card wouldn't be able to accommodate messages as well as multiple pictures. So I suggested an Accordion Card.

I had never made one before, so this was a challenge for me as well. But I had seen one or two Accordion cards before and I kind of knew how it should turn out, so at least I knew how to start.

I decided to make a standard size card (4.25"x5.5") The accordion flaps on the inside measured 3"x4".

Once I had those ready, it was just a matter of printing the content and the pictures out and embellishing.

Printing is always difficult and the most time consuming thing when you're making a card for the first time as you have to create a template with the right size, the right margins and of course, test it on plain paper before you can print it directly on cardstock. This obviously saves time when you decide to make a similar card again, but as I said earlier, the first time is always hard. Although the Accordion flaps were 3"x4", I made the text and photo panels 2"x3" so that there would be space left to show the Patterned paper in the background, as well as add a few embellishments.

As soon as I was done making the templates and writing all the measurements down (in inches & centimeters) for future reference, I decided to print the message out.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lulupu Challenge #12

Good morning folks!!

Today I am going to show you a card that I made for Lulupu's Challenge #12 - My First Love, My Dad. According to the challenge, we had to creating Masculine cards for any occasion for our Dads and here's my take on it. :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lulupu Birthday Celebrations - Guess 'N Win Contest

Wow!! I just checked the date of the last post on this blog and it was almost a year ago. I'll admit, I have been lazy and you can be rest assured that there will be many more posts in the future that'll come with this apology. If there was a way around it, it would have been great. Sadly, there is no cure for laziness. Sigh.

I have been pretty busy and 2012 and the beginning of 2013 have been pretty awesomely hectic what with getting married and all. That's a pretty good excuse to not post on the blog, eh? But I don't have that excuse anymore; especially now that I'll be crafting again - soon and regularly.

Anyway, I'll get straight to the point. Lulupu - The Craft Lounge is celebrating its first birthday this entire month. In my laziness I have missed spreading the word about the Blog Hop that we did and this month's challenge, but I am letting you know about it here. It's never too late to get on board with awesomeness, right?

What's new today, is that Lulupu has announced the first contest that is a part of their birthday celebrations, and it is fun contest with a cool prize at the end of it. So hop on over to the blog by clicking here (it will take you straight to the post) and win this thing!! :D :D