Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Quilled Birthday Card for Mom

I am really really embarrassed to admit when I made this card. It was September last year. I don't know how I forgot about it - like I forgot about countless other projects that I made - but I did. And thanks to this vow that didn't allow me to share any pictures till I edited all of them, I unearthed all of my long forgotten projects and I am ready to share them, even if it means it a (almost) a whole year later.

Anyway, this one was for one of my school friend's mom. He only told me the colours - blue and maroon - and that it had to be quilled. Moumita had just joined and her first assignment was to learn and make Royal flowers and husked petal-ed flowers. And she did amazingly well.

We also tried to make quilled flourishes with multiple strips in various colours and even though it didn't turn out to be quite the way we expected, we liked it! :)

Here are glimpses of the card. :)

Instead of the usual solid coil centres, we decided to add medium sized pearls.
We stamped the sentiment in the centre of the card and adhered one cluster of flowers to the top left (seen below) and the other to the bottom right.

 The cluster at the bottom right....

We took the name of the stamp set - Words2colour - literally :P and coloured the inside of the words. 

On the top right (seen below) and bottom left we added a few more elements and pearls. 

Bottom left corner... 

Here's what the complete card looked like... :)

That's all for today. Stay tuned for another page from the scrapbook :)

Happy Crafting!
Nikita... :)


  1. it is so pretty card nikki, even though it was made a year ago, it's good to share a beautiful work

  2. Fabulous quilling as usual :)

    1. Thank you Somdeepa!!! :)

      And if I haven't said this already, I am a fan of your drawing!!! It's amazing!!! <3


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