Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Birthday, Boss! | Quilled Birthday Card

Good morning folks!

Today I am sharing a card that I made way back in September last year and then totally forgot about. It is a birthday card made for someone's boss. It is colourful, fun and quilled. So as usual, I will start with showing you peeks from various sections of the card and then I will reveal the whole thing. If you've been a regular here, you would know how this works :)

So here's the first peek. The card needed to have a few two pockets on the card front so that small messages written on tags could be inserted into them. So we made two pouches one below the other and embellished them with party favours like gift boxes and party hats (we’ve stamped, coloured and fussy-cut them before adhering them on the pouches.)

Below the two pouches, I stamped a small sentiment :)

The pouches contained these two tags with a personal message from the sender to the recipient. :) 

On the sides I added some Quilled Balloons... TEN of them to be exact, in different colours and attached them to matching twines.

And here's a picture of the complete card!! :)

I did a little something on the inside as well. Here's a glimpse of that.. :)

Here are the products used to make this card...

That's all for now. I'll be back on Monday with another page from the scrapbook.

Till then,
Happy Weekend.. :)


  1. WAOH! I had been waiting to c those lovely quilled balloons lovely creations!

  2. its awesome.... i love the balloons.... who wrote the text - is that a font or handwritten? either way its very beautiful...

  3. Thank you Sharada and Hridya.... :)
    Hridya, the sentiment is a font... not handwritten at all!! :) :)

    1. printed out eh? same font as ur tag line - "making you...?

    2. No.. both are different fonts... :)

  4. A very fun and detailed card. Dig those quilled balloons!

  5. Lovely Quilling, Wanna try this!



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