Friday, 23 March 2012

Another Sneak Peak

Hello folks!! I know, I know... It's as if I have almost stopped posting here, but it's not because I don't remember that this blog exists (wait, I sometimes do forget!) It's more so, because I haven't really been crafting unless I'm due to post on the Lulupu Blog! Yeah, I know that's cheating, but let me be honest, I've been having fun.

So as you may have guessed, I have another post coming up - a card with it's video tutorial!! It seems to me like I've only been doing video tutorials the past few days, and let me tell you, it's exhausting especially when you have to work with a tripod between you and your project!!

But since the outcome is so awesome, I really don't mind.

So the post and the video are coming up on the Lulpu Blog in about ten minutes after this post goes live. But I don't mind giving you guys a sneak peak of the card. ;)

It has coffee and my favourite colours - Antique Lenin, Vintage Photo and Rich Cocoa!!! :D
You can find the post and the video HERE. Just on the off chance that you've landed here before 10.00 AM IST on 23rd March, 2012; I would suggest you wait till it's 10 and then click on the link!! 

And I will try to make the next post about an independent project. My poor blog has been neglected for too long now! ;)

See you next time,


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  1. First Blog Award. Hope you enjoy this idea cames to me today


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