Monday 12 August 2013

Scrapbook - Page #1 - Cover Page :)

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Until I made this scrapbook, I realised I had never really made anything close to a scrapbook. Yes, I made one for a colleague's farewell; yes I made one for my teacher's 9th Wedding Anniversary and yes, I've made 3 pages of my own Pre-Wedding (but still incomplete) Scrapbook; but I now realise that they were something else.. And here's why..

With the Farewell Scrapbook, the design was required to be minimalistic with more focus on the content and images. Also, I had close to a week to do those 16 pages, so I decided not to make it like a Scrapbook-Scrapbook, but more of a memory book. And what I ultimately made, worked for that.

With the 9th Anniversary Scrapbook, I was working blind, sort of. Since I was making it for my teacher, she was hesitant to share photos and the content for the pages because they were too personal and I kind of understand that. But that made things very difficult for me because I only knew how many pictures I needed to leave space for. So, I put photo cards and wrote down what size the photo should be, but I was clueless as to what the colours on the photo were (which would help me decide the colour scheme and choose my embellishments) or how much or how little she wanted to write on the pages, which left me no choice but to guess how much space to leave for journaling. It was tough, but what I made was passable. In short, still not a real scrapbook.

Then I started making one for myself (and God knows when I forgot about it) and I was sure this would be easier because there was no guessing required and it turned out well. Better than I expected for a beginner.

So when an old colleague asked me to make a Scrapbook-Scrapbook (meaning an actual Scrapbook, and not something like a Scraobook) for her 5th Wedding Anniversary, I was a little apprehensive. Would I have to go blind again? How would I manage that? How would it turn out??

But Deval has been a darling throughout the whole process. To start with, she called me way back in April to let me know that she needed a 15-Page Scrapbook for her 5th Wedding Anniversary in August. I was immensely glad that she had called me well in advance so I wouldn't have to do this in a rush. We could take our time, plan it well and I would make something amazing. Okay, I would try; which I did, but more about that later.

We explored lots of options - whether we wanted a few pages dedicated to each year of their married life, or just make pages for various large and small moments of their life. After a lot of planning, we concluded that she would pick a few good photos and we could just immortalise them in the scrapbook.

Amazing that she is, she didn't hesitate in sharing her pictures or the content AND allowed me to do the journaling in my own handwriting. I had a ball making this scrapbook and when it was over (albeit two days later than was planned) I almost didn't want to let it go. I wanted to keep it with me and show it (off :P) to everyone who came to my house. I would have carried it with me everywhere I went and shown it to people on the street if I could, but alas! That wasn't meant to happen, because it WASN'T mine. But I wish it was. Sigh!

Anyway, I think I've rambled on too much. So let me leave some stories for the other posts. Which reminds me - there are 16 pages in the scrapbook including the cover and I am not planning on killing the fun by revealing everything in one post. So I am going to do a series of posts, one for each page, once every 2-3 days. And each post will (obviously) have along with pictures, my thoughts, ideas and thought process behind the designing of the page.

So let's start with the cover page. It was a very very simple design.

I used an amazing 12x12 Sheet from the My Sunshine Paper Pack by Die Cuts With A View. The pattern was such that I hardly had to do anything more on it. So I simply added the title to the page using Alpha Stickers from Echo Park's For The Record 2, 12x12 Kit and Paradise Beach 12x12 Kit.

The banners on the page were there already so I added two Wood Venner Birds on the banners to make it look like they were sitting on top of it. The phrase "Our Story" on the top, is a sticker from the For The Record 12x12 Kit. The Chipboard Circle in the center is from My Mind's Eye (MME) - Nostalgia. Butterflies are from MME Be Happy Buttons, Crate Paper's Pretty Party Chipboard Elements and Studio Calico's Wood Venners.

There isn't much more to talk about this page, but  here's a sneak peek of the other 15 pages, coming up soon.. :D :D

See following pages here...
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Will post soon. :)


  1. Lots of fun parts to this scrapbook-story:
    - you have made something that you are really - really proud of
    - you had fun making it
    - I didn't see any of it (except from the cover ofcourse) and I allready know the person it is for, is in Love with it
    - she will do the show off-part for you
    - you still have the pictures
    I will be here a lot - really curious what a lovely project you made!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am excited about the fact that you are curious.. :D :D I would love to hear your comments on the pages... I have been swamped with the scrapbook the past week.. So haven't paid any attention to any of the blogs I follow.. I will hop on to your blog soon.. :)


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