Wednesday, 7 September 2011

25 for 25

So I posted about the 25 (plus 1) cards I made for Sandeep's 25th Birthday in February and here is what you all saw last time...

Now's the time to see all the cards up close. But before that, let me tell you that all these cards are very very simple made with the most basic tools. The cards after these will get better. So sit back and watch my hard work unfold. May I also add that I was awake for 36 hours at a stretch on 2 separate occasions in order to complete these (and I still wasn't able to make them on time!!) But he loved the effort and the cards; and of course.. ME!! :D :D :D

Warning: Picture overload!!!!!

Here are the cards... Read captions for details.

A card from Sandeep's Mom

A card from Sandeep's Dad
A card from Sandeep's brother

From his Cousin - Rajesh
From his cousin Reshma and her husband
Uptill this point I had not thought of themes (and God knows why I was using purple card paper anyway!!) So from here onwards, all cards have a theme (sort of!) This card is from his cousins - Rohit and Rahul, who are sports enthusiasts. So the cards have a sports theme. There's a cricket bat and a ball. And the bead on the top (near the words "Goal") is a football.
A card from his cousins Neetha and Niveditha...

Theme - I was told Niveditha is a foodie.. Hence the cupcakes! :)

From here, we have cards from our school friends. This card is from Jay  who shares his birthday with Sandeep!!! More popularly knows as JRS and JMD! :) Theme - Pisces!!! 
A card from Vishal and Rachna. Theme - Love!! :)
 card from Amit... Theme - The buttons symbolise his hobby of currency collection. I couldn't find copper and bronze coins, so used buttons instead! :)
A card from Omkar... Theme - It's party time! ;)
A card from Kamya... Theme - Girls and flowers go hand in hand (although she hates them! I realised that after I made the card! :O )
A card from Jyothi... Theme - Girls and teddies (and pink!) go hand in hand too... Fortunately, I didn't mess up this combo! :P
A card from Aditya... Theme - Neela!!! :P :P :P (Well there's a story behind 'Neela.' But it's best left out of this blog! :D)
A card from Madhu Madhu Madhu!!!!!! Theme - Mango - because we call him that (although the Mango looks more like a long yellow pear! :P) and the honey bee because of Madhuuuuuu makkheee!! :D :D :D
P.S. I know I'm not supposed to have favourites, but I just looooove this one!!

A card from his friend Rahul (a friend from his neighbourhood!) Theme - Rahul's love for photography and his new DSLR camera!
From here on, we have cards from his college friends. This one is from Vignesh... Theme - Vignesh's new car.. I made his car green instead of black.. It looks more colourful this way! :) Aaaaaand, of course, how could I not add a little something about the scholar that he is... Hence the CA and CS degrees! :)
A card from Vishal (college friend...) Theme - Vishal's bike! :)

A card from Ankush... Theme - I couldn't find anything I could quill so I just made a Chef's hat because Sandeep calls him Subordinate chef - it's got something to do with how much they cook (in Hindi :P)

A card from Akanksha... Theme - Her love for Hookah! :)

Oh, and that's a hoookah! I hope it's come out the way I intended it to! :)
A card from Hetal... Theme - Flowers is the general theme... But it's more about the Salsa shoe as I was told that she loves Salsa! :)
A card from Arun (not one of his college friends..) Theme - Well, when asked, the theme that he suggested was... well... inappropriate (though it probably described him perfectly! :P) So I just decided to do something simple and neutral...

I avoided flowers as such because he specifically asked me to... But I think he does have some love for him... So the little (and big hearts!) :D :D :D
A card from Shilpa (a friend from his classes...) Theme - I had told her that I would do something extra special for her, since she promptly complied with my request for a message for Sandeep.. without Reminders!!! :)
A card from his bosses... Deepak and Venkat... Theme - The Wealth Tree logo! :P
Last but definitely not the least... A card from me!!!!!!!! I guess I've spelt the theme out.. So no explanations necessary! ;)
Aaaaand another card.. Just like that!!!
Hope you all enjoyed the cards... More next time... Till then, byeee!!



  1. awesome:) just loved each card made...............lovely colours n theme very inspiring:)

  2. so much hard work.... have already seen them but didnt mind scrolling thru!! they are all just plain gorgeous!

  3. Wao.... so much of hardwork and so sweet gesture of love... each card is lovely... Thanks alot for following my blog...

  4. Atiya & Priya: Thank you sooo much!! :)
    Karuna: You'd seen them before??? And you saw them again! Wow... Thanks!! :D

  5. So lovely, thanks for sharing!
    Hey, Pixie Dust Paperie is having a giveaway, please come join in the fun!

  6. is the description...great..I commented somewhere else on them...
    Great compilation....


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