Thursday, 31 July 2014

Throwback Thursday #1 | Quilled 30th Anniversary Card

I know, I know, it is pretty late, but I still wanted to get this done today.. I realised a while ago that there was a time when this blog was not active and though all of my stuff has made it to the Facebook Page, it never made it to the blog. Throwback Thursday posts will be a good way to bring them back to life and would give me a chance to blog about them.

So let's go back to one of the first cards I made. I made this in May 2011 for my in-laws 30th wedding anniversary. I had just bought a pack of patterened papers from Hobby Ideas, had one or two wood mounted rubber stamps (also from Hobby Ideas) and quilling supplies. I didn't even have my trimmer so I used a steel ruler, my craft mat and an exacto knife to cut the papers and over did the Quilling. It's like I made all the different kind of flowers I knew how to and put them all over the place! :P

Take a look...

The 'happy' is a rubber stamp and '30th Anniversary' is written by hand.

I had seen these round curly things on Asma's Blog - Simple Rhyme -and I just had to try them out and I did.
I can't find the direct link to the post because it has to be MORE than 3 years old :(

And here's the complete card!!
You can see that I didn't care about the background while I clicked pictures.
At that time, I was making these just as a hobby.
So getting a great picture with amazing aesthetics was not my goal. :P

That's all for now..

I'll see you next week with a brand new Quilled Project!

Till then,
Have fun!

Nikita... :)

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