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Box Card | Quilled Floral Paradise!


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So this box card was requested by Moumita's cousin and he wanted us to go all out with the Quilling an we did. This was a double box card - a box within a box card - so that meant double the fun!! :D :D As it was for Moumita's cousin, I thought it would be good practice for her to make the box on her own. So I haven't done a thing in this, except selection of the PPs, the design and size of the flowers, the colours of the Quilling strips etc. In short, I designed, she created. I didn't lift a finger and I loved it!! :D :D

Let's talk about the outer box first. The papers used for this were from DCWV's Mixed Media Mambi Collection - Sides and Lid. We did green on two sides and orange on the other two. The design had one large Royal Flower and two smaller Malaysian flowers with a bit of leaves on the sides. This design was a slight modification of the design used on the lid of an older box card (image below.)
Complete post of the above box on the Lulupu Blog here.

The design was exactly the same for the green as well as orange side...
We tried something new here... We did a black outline on everything Quilled... 
Almost everything

Glimpses of the Green Side... :)


The Green side..

The orange sides were no different...


Full view of the orange side..

View of the corners...

The lid had three Malaysian Flowers... and a couple of swirls...

This is the outside of the box. This is before we adhered the inner box.
Just to show you all four sides together...

Before I show you what the inside of the first box looked like,
I want to show the second box...

For the sides, we used papers from DCWV's Mixed Media Mambi Collection.
PP the lid - I {HEART} Summer from Simple Stories.

The pink PP used is the same one as the Lid of the outer box 
and the printed PP is the same one as the orange one on the outside.

As the printed PP was busy, we decided not to quill on it.
On the Pink PP, we couldn't resist! :)

On the lid, we did some Black & White Quilling and love the effect it had on the grey!

This is the outside of the box we adhered it inside the other box.
To show you all four sides together, again :)

Here's a look at both finished boxes together, before they were joined!

The inside of the first box had messages on two sides and pictures on the other two..

The inside of the second box had things the birthday girl loved!!
All the objects are stamped and then coloured in! :)

A look at the objects!

We decided to do a square cake for this one
and layered Quilled Roses & Leaves on the top!
The leaves are lightly distressed.

The PPs used for the cake are also from DCWV's Mixed Media Mambi Collection.
And we ran a line of pearls across the top of each layer.

Phew! That was a lot of pictures... But it is one of my favourite projects simply because of all the details on it!! Well, favourite till we made the next one! :P

Here are the products used to make this card...

Other products (not in the above list)
  • Pearls & Card Stock - Locally Purchased 
  • PP - DCWV Mixed Media Mambi
  • Quilled Creations Rose Die (Destashed by Pratiksha)
  • Stamps - 1. The Crafts Meow - Vintage Rides 2. Fiskars - Aged to Perfection, 

That's all for now. See you next time with another page from the Scrapbook!!! :)

Till then,
Happy Crafting!

Nikita... :)

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