Monday, 7 July 2014

Hanging in a Car!

Hello everyone!!!

Today's project is highly unusual. I was asked to make something that could be hung inside a car. It is exactly what it sounds. Also, it had to be flat and had to depict a pleasant scenery of a car driving along the hillside. That was easy! Creating such scenes was all I did during drawing period in school. All I had to do was replace paint with distress ink, add some layers of paper to make it look real and do some stamping. So I decided to make a smaller version of an unframed painting with a hole pierced through it and some twine from in between so that it could be hung.

Then I thought, this thing would move around, and that would mean the other (blank) side would also be exposed, unlike a card. So I would have to do the EXACT same thing on the other side as well. And so I did.

Let's take a look! :D :D

A little glimpse of the sky, clouds and the mountains...

I made a nice little tar road too... :D

And here's the cute little car (apparently without a driver :P) driving along the road..

The whole thing.. Sheet measures 6"x 8"

The almost exact other side... 
You'll see the difference when you compare the cloud and flower bed patterns.. :)

And here's the cute little thing hanging inside the car!! :D :D
We realised later that it was a bit too large and would be slightly distracting.
Point noted for next time.. :)

Also, here's a short video to show you how it looks in reality!! :D

Here are the products used to make this project!

That's all for now... I'll be back on Wednesday with Page #3 from the scrapbook! Stay tuned!

Have a great week!

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