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I Love You Card | Quilled Roses & Vines

This card was created as a Design Team project for Pretty Paper Studio and this post first appeared in February 2015 on Pretty Paper Studio's blog.

Hello, everyone!

I am back after a long, long time. I've been absent from my blog for so long that I have accumulated so many projects to share that I have posts for the rest of the year (if I am regular in posting, that is :P) As of now, the plan is to share a new project - a project not already shared on this blog before - every Sunday and another post during the week. Knowing myself, I'm not making any promises, so let's just see where this goes :)

For today's project, I have this card that was made for Pretty Paper Studio's 'Love' themed challenge in February 2015. As my focus as a DT member was on Quilling Projects, I decided to do a simple card with Quilled Roses.

Here's a glimpse of the roses.
I decided to keep my card very simple and use minimum tools other than Quilling Tools. Since roses signify love, I decided to make them using Pale Pink 5mm Quilling Strips.

I also made leaves out of 3mm strips. I quilled and shaped all the pieces before I glued them down.

During those days, my interest in Brush Lettering was just budding. I hadn't received my DT kit yet and none of the stamp sets I already had were carried by PPS at the time mostly because my collection was outdated and I hadn't purchased any new stuff in almost a year. So I decided to write the sentiment, rather, paint it on.

I wrote a simple 'I LOVE YOU' with a water brush using Memento's Tuxedo Black ink. I just dabbed the ink pad on an acrylic block and without adding any water, picked up the colour on the water brush.
But to get the position right, I drew lines.
1. I marked the vertical and horizontal center of the card, and
2. Lines for the height of the text (e.g, the lines above and below the letter 'I')

Then I wrote 'I' directly on the vertical line in the center. 

For 'LOVE', I wrote 'O' to the left and 'V' to the right of the center line and then wrote the other two letters next to that.

For 'YOU', I wrote the 'O' on the vertical line and then 'Y' and 'U' on either side of it.

Once the ink was dry, I gently erased the pencil marks. Then I added the roses, leaves and some scrolls as vines to complete the design. I've added all the dimensions of the Quilled elements at the end of the post.

Here's a peek at the top left corner of the card.
And here's the top right.

Here's what the finished card looks like.

A view of the dimensions added due to Quilled elements.

Measurements and other details to make a similar card:

Please note that in case you replicate this design or make a similar one, I request you to link back to this post. Here's the link. If you could also drop a link to your post in the comments, I would love to see what you made :)

1. Roses | 10 pieces using 5mm Pale Pink Strips. 1 entire strip was used for each rose.
2. Large Leaves | 8 pieces using 3mm Leaf Green Quilling Strips. 1/2 the length of the strip for each leaf.
3. Small Leaves | 12 pieces using 3mm Leaf Green Quilling Strips. 1/4th the length of the strip for each leaf.
4. Large Scroll | 4 pieces using 3mm Light Brown Quilling Strips. 1/2 the length of the strip for each scroll.
5. Small Scroll | 4 pieces using 3mm Light Brown Quilling Strips. 1/4th the length of the strip for each scroll.
6. Cardstock | 6"x 12" scored at 6" on the 12" side.

Tools & Supplies used

1. Cardstock (Locally purchased)
2. Martha Stewart Score Board.
3. Acrylic Block
4. Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
5. Koi Medium Waterbrush
6. Quilled Creations Slotted Tool
7. Quilled Creations Quilling Strips (3 & 5mm) | Pale Pink, Light Brown, Leaf Green
8. Quilled Creations Fine Tip Glue Applicator.
9. Fevicol (diluted with water).

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See you next time with another post, hopefully before next Sunday :P

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