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How To: Home Organisation with Chalkboard Washi Tape | Photo Tutorial

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the Chalkboard Washi Tape and chalks from Lulupu - The Craft Lounge to review the product and to demonstrate creative ways to use it.

Hello, crafty folks! How have you all been?

For today's post, I have a fun tutorial for you. It's not 100% original, but I've revamped an existing idea. Allow me to elaborate. 

We all love Washi Tapes, right? They're so colourful, versatile and inexpensive that you can use them on any project and you can never have too many of them. Months ago, Karuna (Founder of Lulupu) sent me Chalkboard Washi Tape and some chalks to experiment with. It was only yesterday that I found the time to do this, so here goes.

Chalkboard Washi Tape is nothing but Washi Tape with a Chalkboard finish. It comes in two widths and the one I have used is the larger one (5 cm /2 inches).

When I was thinking of creative ways to use them, labelling bottles/jars in the kitchen was the first thing that came to mind and believe me, I have tried doing that with Chalkboard Paint since year 1 of my married life. I could have easily cut and taped this Washi and be done with it (as I saw quite a few people had done when I was looking for ideas) but I wanted them to look fancy. So here's what I did.

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Step 1

I started with an A4 sheet of plain paper.
In hindsight, I should have probably used something smooth like the backing paper of stickers.
I might do that for the next batch :)

Step 2

I taped the Washi from end to end and did that multiple times.
Before the next step, however, I cut through the gaps so the pieces would fit through my Cuttlebug.

Step 3

I then chose two fancy dies depending on the shape I wanted the labels to be.
These are the two I chose.

Step 4

I then ran the Washi Tape covered paper through the cuttlebug.
I first measured which size of the die would fit the width of the Washi Tape.
In both cases, it was the third size (starting from the smallest).

I did this as many times as I needed to. I liked the shape of the die on the right a little more, so I cut out more pieces of that as compared to the other one.

Step 5

The final step was to separate the Washi from the plain paper. What that would give you is a shaped sticker and that's exactly what I needed.

I'll admit that because of the paper I chose, I had a difficult time peeling it off easily, although a couple of them came off very smoothly with no trouble at all. But on most of them, some part of the paper was stuck and I had to use a tape runner on those areas.

Tweet: Check out this cool way to #organise your #home using #Chalkboard #Washitape by @infniteemotions -->

But overall, I was very happy with the results.
Here's what I did. 

A few things to note.

  • The adhesive on the back is way stronger than on most washi tapes which is why it stuck to the paper so well. Normally, washi tapes come off paper very easily. It is also sticking to my plastic jars really well. So far.
  • The chalkboard texture is just right. You can rub some chalk lightly over it and rub it with a cloth or dry tissue to get the used chalkboard feel.
  • The tape is thicker and sturdier than normal washi tape which, if you're using this for more than fancy decor, is something you want.
  • However, I don't think this will last if the bottles are washed, obviously. So I can probably use a wet tissue to clean the outside and very carefully wash the insides with a brush or something. I'll see how to manage that.
Here are some more pictures of my Home Organisation endeavour. :P

And finally, here are the jars, in their rightful place on the shelf in the kitchen :)

When I sent this last picture to my husband, here's how he responded. :P

Supplies Used


Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine
Spellbinders Nestabilities Small Labels Die
Spellbinders Nestabilities Label Four Die


A4 Paper

That's all I have for you now! I hop you liked what I've done with the tapes! See you on Sunday with another (not so) new project.

Have a great rest of the week!


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