Monday, 21 April 2014

Anniversary Card with Paper Lettering

Hi everyone,

I'm here with a quick post on a card I made in January. Moumita and I have been obsessed with Quilling lately and we've been experimenting with traditional quilling techniques, micro-quilling, typography and cursive lettering with paper. Yes, you got it! We just did't do an outline on a bold thick font, we wrote with paper. 

We used a nice and curly font and printed it on PP in Dark Brown as that's the colour of the paper we were using. We wanted any mistakes to be hidden by a colour camouflage, but turns out, Moumita did this so well, that a camouflage wasn't required at all. :D :D

I printed the sentiment on a beige colour Echo Park PP from the Sweet Girl collection with a subtle print that easily blended with the intricate quilling on the card! I also distressed the edges of the card with my favourite Tea Dye Distress ink :D :D

This card was requested by an ex-colleague for her parents' anniversary! 

Picture heavy post!

So we started with a simple 'Happy Anniversary' and just glued brown paper strip over it. 
We have used 3mm paper strips on this project! :)

I am so proud of how perfectly Moumita has curled the paper to fit just right over the font!!

She's done it so well that the printed outline isn't visible at all.

Moumita, giving final touches to the lettering.

On all four corners of the card, we made henna-like designs as I am so fascinated with them these days!!
When I was planning the design and I drew the rough sketch, I misjudged the sizes and that's why quite a bit of the area looks empty. But when it was finally done, we were glad how it turned out!! :) 

We did the same design on all four corners!

Here's what the finished card looked like. 

This was supposed to be a quick post, so that's all for now.

But wait, I would like to add this. If you are interested in learning lettering and micro-quilling, I would love to teach. If you want more details, please fill the form here or drop in a line at with 'Quilling Workshop' as the subject and I will get in touch with you! :)

See you all soon!

Nikita! :)


  1. This card is very, very beautiful and I don't even want to *think* how Moumita did the lettering! Love the four corners, amazing design Nikita. Fantastic quilling, truly.

    1. Thanks so much, Somdeepa! You always have such nice things to say!! <3 <3 <3


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