Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quilled Monogram #1

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So a while ago, I started experimenting with Micro-Quilling, and as I was teaching it to Moumita (Have you met her? If you haven't, you can get to know her here. :D), we decided that she would make a Monogram with the alphabet 'M'. It's slightly complicated and does not involve the use of the slotted needle at all, unless you choose to add coils and swirls to your project. It's all about knowing how to work the paper strips and you have to have the precision of a surgeon when you handle the tweezers. And to my delight, I discovered that Moumita mastered this easily because all I did  on this project was start the outlining. Everything else - EVERYTHING - is Moumita's work.

So here I am, proudly presenting to you, in detail, the making of our first Quilled Monogram!! :)


We started with printing the outline of the alphabet on a 8"x8" Cardstock 
and once we had picked our colours, we she made the outline frame. 
The strips used here are 5mm in width. Take a look.



The next day, she filled in all the corners with some solid and loose coils 
and the thinner channels of the alphabet with some straight lines and loose coils.


Next, she started with the top left corner of M and made curves using all the colours we had picked out.


Some more progress




And finally, the monogram is complete!!! :D

A few pictures from different angles and some close-ups! :)

A few days later

The Monogram is framed!!! :D

And here's Moumita, proudly holding her masterpiece! :) 

That's all for today!!! I'll be back soon, with some more awesome projects! :D

Have a nice weekend!


  1. a beauty. I personally know very well what a very, very, very(and I could go on for ages) painstaking and time-consuming thing quilled typography is... this does not look like a first attempt at all, very professional looking...Kudos to you and Moumita.

    1. Thanks Somdeepa... It was Moumita's first time, but I have done this before, so I was there to guide her. Maybe that's the reason it doesn't look like a first attempt! :)

      And you are totally right about time-consuming & painstaking.. But the end result is so worth it, isn't it? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shylaa Shree... I have not made this.. This is made by Moumita, who is learning from me and works with me :)

  3. How on earth do you keep the distance between the strips?

    1. I use a tweezer to place my strips.. Before I glue them down, I measure the strip depending on how much space I need between two. Hope that helped! :)


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