Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I've got a reason to post

I've been putting off blogging for no apparent reason; whether it is my personal blog or this one. Let me assure you though that the intentions are there and my mind constantly thinks of ideas for blogging , but I'm so pressed for time that even typing (which I love) a simple post out seems like an effort.

But today I have a reason. And I'll get there, without dragging it out too much.

I've been crafting a lot since February (when it was Sandeep's 25th Birthday) and I made 26 cards for him! Yes, you heard read right! 26!!! 25 - One for each year of his life so far and 1 more Just like that to summarise the whole thing.

The idea was; I made a list of 25 important people in his life, starting with his mom and each card represented one such person and had a message from them. The cards were designed to reflect the nature/personality/relationship of the person whose message was in the card.

At that time the only tools I had were bought from Hobby Ideas. I was still trying my hand out at Quilling so I tried to ensure that the cards were quilled as far as possible. I also used a lot of scrapbooking assortments and clay. In the end, it turned out well.

Here's a glimpse of all the cards together. (I'll do a separate post on the cards again.)

Even though I had been making cards since I was a kind, I realised after this that I making cards was so much fun and the output was not that bad either. Maybe with better tools I could do better. So I did a lot of research - followed a lot of blogs, watched tooo many videos. The only problem was it was damn difficult to find the supplies used by international crafters. And then I met Karuna.

She was like (and still is) my saviour because she had something I was craaaazzzy about - Clear Stamps and acrylic blocks! (She has lots more tooooo)

 I was soooooo happy when I found her store that I placed an order worth more than 5k immediately. And since then I've bought a lot of goodies from her (I'm eagerly waiting for my latest order to arrive in September), had quite a few chats (on the phone and online!)

Today she surprised me by giving me an award!!! The Butteryfly Award!! 

Thank you soooooo much Karuna!!! :D :D

But there are a few rules to follow in order to accept the award:
1. Answer several questions. 
2. Award the 'Butterfly Award' to other bloggers 
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have received this award 
4. Put a link to the person who gave you the 'Butterfly Award' in the post.. (Done that already! :D)

Here's goes the rambling about myself (as if I don't talk about myself already...)

Q1) Name your favorite color? 
I don't have a favourite as such, but I like shades of pink, brown and blue.

Q2) Name your favorite song?
Again,I don't have just one favourite, simply because such decisions are hard to make. So I'll tell you my favourites
Right now they are: 
1. 'Drive' by Incubus. 
2. 'The Noose' by A Perfect Circle. 
3. 'Radiate' by Puddle of Mud.
4. 'Halo' by Porcupine Tree
5. 'Windowpane' by Opeth.

Q3) Name your favorite dessert? 
I am not that much of a sweet tooth. There is only so much sweet I can eat before I start to feel like I am going to pass out. Nevertheless, I have a little something for Blueberry Cheesecake (you can read more about my obsession here.) and ice-cream! Absolutely yum!!

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? 
The thing that's on my mind that's close to 'worry' is how sleep deprived I am!! And the fact that tomorrow is going to be another hectic day!!

Q5) Your favorite pet? 
I don't have a pet right now, but I'd love to have a dog sometime in the future.

Q6) Black or White?

Q7) Your biggest fear? 
I really don't want to put it out in the Universe by actually writing it down. Moreover, the fact that I had to think about my worst fear for ten minutes and still return empty is good enough for me right now.

Q8) Best feature? 
I am not sure if this means physical feature or personality feature. I'm going to go with something about my personality. I am the kind of person who looks for the silver lining in everything! It took a lot of driving through dark clouds to get there, but I'm there. And I strive to make everyone else see the silver lining too. There's place only for positivity in my life. 

Q9) Everyday attitude? 
Tomorrow is a new day!! Live for Today... Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. (Although I've been worrying about tomorrow a lot these days.. :P)

Q10) What is perfection? 
Perfection can be something as simple as the right words said at the right moment or something as elaborate as a perfect wedding. It's what you find happiness in. For me, even little things during the day like an unexpected call or SMS can make my day perfect! :D

Q11) Guilty pleasure? 
There was a time when I used to buy 3 or 4 novels every month to make my collection of books upto 500 (I have 150 already! :D) But since the time I've been engrossed in card making, every penny is redirected towards purchase of stamps, ink, patterned paper, card stock and (the next item on my list) a cuttlebug!

Q12) When you're upset you? 
Usually talk to someone and let it all out to feel better. But I am also at my crankiest when I'm upset. Or sleep deprived. Or worse, woken up in the middle of a deep slumber at 8 AM (and that happens everyday!!!)

Phew!! That was a loooot of questions. Now time to share the award. I would like to pass this award on to fellow Quillers and crafters whose blogs I've been following for quite sometime. They don't need an award for people to know they're awesome. But I want to pass it on anyway. So here goes, in no particular order:
2. Suganthi at Daydreams
3. Divya at Divya's Art Room
5. Amna at Mannayah
6. Miyaah at Miyaah@Kertas

Wow!! It felt great to write after soooo long!! Thanks once again Karuna.. for the award and for making me do this! :)



  1. Thank u soooooo much Nikita:-)....very very sweet of you:-)....jus saw it now....will post it on my blog tomo along with all the other formalities:)


  2. Wow!! am so so so happy to read a post after this long!!! and deeply humbled about my n my stores mention (Hugs) Thanks for liking it so much :) really gives me a high to see people enjoying there crafty goodness :D its was gr8 to know u a lil better!

  3. Great to know you better!! Welcome to the club of highly addicted crafters!!

  4. Thank you NIkita. That's very sweet of you.

  5. Divya: :) Do let me know when you post it!

    Karuna: I should be thanking you! You've made crafting soooo easy for me.. And here's something else you should know about me... I am always ready to talk about myself! :P

    Tejal: Thank you! Thank you! It's an honour to be a part of it!

    Suganthi: Yours was one of the first 2 Quilling blogs I started to follow. There was no way I could exclude you from the list!! I love your work!! :D


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