Monday, 20 June 2011

My Quilling Supplies are here!! Finally!!

My Quilling goodies are here!!! Ah! The wait had been sooo long!

I had ordered Quilling Supplies (all of them.. Even those that I already had! :P) from Quilled Creations in the US somewhere around the end of April this year and I had been impatiently waiting for them to arrive. My wait ended today!!

Well, technically, my wait ended on Friday; but I wasn't home on Friday when the parcel arrived. So I had to got to the post office today morning to collect it. When I did open it, I was sooo excited to see all the goodies that I wanted to start right away and I did!! I already made something out of it! :D :D

But first, the pictures of my goodies.... :D :D :D

Elmer's Glue Pen - $2.95

Quilling Grid Guide - $5.95

Quilling Circle Template Board - $14.95

Double-Sided Storage Box - $6.95

L-R: Curling Coach - $4.95, Hand Quilling tool set (Slotted and Needle tool) - $7.25, Ultrafine Tip Glue Applicator - $4.95,  Quilling Tweezers - $3.50, Fine Tip Scissors - $3.95
Mini Mold - $5.95
Quilling paper - 1/8" (3mm) - 50 strips per pack in 37 colours - $1.40 each

And here's what I made already!!! :)

More on this later! 

- Nikita.


  1. Pretty cool :) Looking forward to seeing more projects made by you :)

  2. glad to see the creative you :)

  3. @Amruta: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    @Rachit: Thanks! :) Do we know each other?

  4. Plain awesomeness! And THANK YOU for introducing me to this...I didnt even know what quilling was! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

  5. Awww... Thanks!! So when are you going to start quilling?? :)

  6. thats a lot of good stuff together... have fun...

  7. Wow....enjoy Nikita:-).....after i have started quilling , shopping for these stuff get me more excited than clothes!!!!!

  8. This is awesome!! even though I don't quill, seeing new supplies is like paradise..have fun!


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