Monday, 12 May 2014

Beehive Quilling!!! First try and some Christmas Quilling!

The Quilling bug caught me sometime last year. Quilling has always been at the core of most of my creations as my journey into Crafting began with Quilling, but there was a phase where I was making projects without Quilling and it was mostly because of time constraints. But towards the end of last year, especially after Moumita joined, I began to add Quilling to most of my projects and that led me to experimenting with new techniques. I had done a Micro-Quilled Frame for my friend, so I urged Moumita to try it and she stunned me with her work and while she was grasping the finer details of that, I experimented with the beehive technique.

It is so much fun and the easiest way to fill spaces in lesser time!! I am a fan of this technique.

For my trial, I started with something simple - the word LOVE. I used 3mm paper strips and alternated between red and baby pink for each alphabet. For the outline, I used off white.

Here are glimpses of each alphabet. :)


Within two hours, yes two hours, it was done!!! 
The paper measures 4" x 8"

So after the trial was such a success, I decided we should have some more fun with it!

I was having a give-away on my Facebook page for reaching 1,000+ Fans and since Christmas was around the corner, we put it all together and made one Mega Prize for a Lucky Winner.

We made three separate pieces with the words Love, Peace & Joy.
For the colours we used Red, Green & Gold and behold, we quilled some cute little Christmas souvenirs. 
Each piece was 4" in height and the width was adjusted according to the length of the word.
What's more, is that we turned each circular alphabet into a wreath and added bells on top! 
Check it out! :D 
The "O" from Love...

The "A" from Peace

And the "O" from Joy...

It was on these projects that Moumita first tried cursive lettering. So she did the outlining in gold and the wreaths and the bells whereas I filled in the beehive! 

The Pot pourri on the sides is just to make the photos look good. They did not go into the final frame.. :) 

And here are all three of them together!! :D 

Some more pictures! Can you see the outlining in mettalic gold strips? And the little dongs inside the bells?

Here's how they looked once they were framed!!! 

That's all for today.. I'll see you soon!

Till then,
Happy Crafting!

Nikita.. :)


  1. Wow, wow, Nikita and Moumita! This is so intricate , pretty and neat! Just freaking awesome! I wish someday I can achieve perfection like this!

    1. Thank you soooo much, Somdeepa... All I can say is practice makes perfect... The more you do, the better you get.. :) And experiment as much as you can! :)


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